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Click the images below to visit the website of these fine Independent Restaurants in the NE Florida area. Bon Appetit!

We support the 3/50 project. 
Click above to visit their website.

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Click on the image to the left to visit a web site about a new way to find what you are craving and connect with customers. (click name for “about us” page) is a food-finding website and APP that allows users to search by the dish and see what is available in the culinary world around them. Want steak, lobster, or cheese fries? Type what you are craving in the search field. You’ll find that steak is available at more than steak houses, lobster is not just at Red Lobster, and a lot of places have cheese fries. You might find that a little known pub down the street has a world-class steak sandwich that you should probably try out. By searching for food and not for restaurants, you’ll find that the ingredients you love can be and are being prepared at a local restaurant around the corner. opens your eyes (and bellies) to these new possibilities. Search for food. Find what you crave.

CLICK HERE to check out this sample menu and pictures.