Meet Our Team

For 74 years, our staff has met your needs by being one thing: Local. We live in the community. We support the community. We dine in our customers’ restaurants. We fish with them. We play golf with them. We see them at school and on the ball field. As a local company, that doesn’t just mean attentive and immediate service, it means your money stays local, too. We pride ourselves on integrity – the intersection of trust, honesty and fairness. Meet our team – people you’ve come to know over the years as family and friends and some new faces, excited to be part of the family. With more than 140 years of combined experience, we’ve got you covered.

Craig Smith

Managing Partner

Joel B. Slotnick


Michele Baum


Teri Scott

Office Manager

Tessa Hardock

Customer Experience Rep

Bob Futch

Operations Manager

Robert Bauer

Warehouse Manager

Shay Martin

Sales Consultant

Natalie Hurtado

Sales Consultant

Steven A. McQuaig

Sales Consultant


Customer Experience Rep



Rosaria Camarrata

Sales Consultant
Resident Chef, Jacksonville

Sean Lowman

Sales Consultant

Christine Seely

Sales Consultant
Resident Chef, St Augustine

Jessica Diaz

Office Support Specialist

Your Delivery and Warehouse Team